Terms of Service and Rules

1. Don't be a cunt.

2. Don't be a cunt.

3. Don't be a cunt.

But seriously, read the following and if you don't think you can abide by it... well, you are free to be a cunt elsewhere. Happy reading:

These are the Oi! Gorgeous! Rules. They are easy to understand and common sense because this isn't fucking COYS because seriously.

1. Don't be a cunt

2. Don't post "first" on a thread

3. Don't reduce a game to 'points per game' mid season, using decimal points

4. Don't attempt to apply stats to prove that your subjective point is more valid than another subjective point to the point of polarization (anyone who uses average without clarity as to mean, median or mode gets either a slap on the wrist or a tickle on the soles of their feet)

5. Don't take yourself waaaay too seriously

6. Don't call maria a whore without asking permission first

7. Accept that Spurs fans live all round the world and just because they were not at the actual stadium they still have a valid opinion

8. Understand that images, gifs and videos are rightly to be used in a forum and do not continually post videos in the photo/gif thread or gifs/photos in the video thread

9. Don't be a racist, a homophobe, etc. etc.

10. Seriously, don't be a cunt.

Violation of these rules may be met with an instant banning.